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Middle Class Task Force

January 30, 2009

Friday morning  President Obama announced the establishment of a “Middle Class Task Force”, created to determine the status of “average income” Americans.  This task  force will be led by VP Biden and is tasked with determining how well the middle class is doing financially and whether it is shrinking or growing.

I would definitely be considered middle class but I don’t understand how my status in life should be of  any concern of our government.  I understand that the harder I work and the better educated I am is what will determine how successful in life I will be.  The only thing that the government can really do to help me is to allow for a free market in which I can either succeed or fail.  I do not want to thrive by having the government put a gun to someone else’s head (taxing the rich) and forcing them to help me.

I am intelligent enough to understand that it is the businesses and the so called “greedy” rich who provide the production and jobs that keep the middle class employed. I don’t know about anyone else but I have never been given a job by a poor person.  VP Biden refers to the middle class as the backbone of our country and this is true.  But without the “upper class” to provide the sustenance the backbone would loose its’ strength.  Government has never been able to successfully implement projects that have greatly increased our countries’ wealth.  Significant wealth creation can only be achieved by allowing the free market to work without interference.  What the government has succeeded at is making more people dependent on its’ handouts.

I can foresee nothing good coming out of this task force except more regulations and increased redistribution of  wealth. But then should we expect anything different from an Executive Office whose people are more interested in buying votes and creating more government dependency?

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