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No Dissent Allowed

January 30, 2009

Last week Rush Limbaugh did an interview on the Sean Hannity show. During that interview Rush stated that he did not want President Obam’s policies to succeed.  His disagreement stemmed from the belief that these policies would only drive our economy further into recession.  As usual the opposition took his words and edited them. They were edited to sound like he said that he did not want the president to succeed and therefore the country to fail.  The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee then placed the edited sound bite on their sight and started a petition to denounce Mr. Limbaugh.

For the last eight years it was allowed and even encouraged to denegrate our sitting President. This was called patriotic dissent. However, now that the left has their man in office it is considered un-American to disagree with the President and his socialist policies.  This is just the start, it will not be long before we hear more complaints against talk radio.  Before you know it they will be talking about bringing back the Fairness Doctrine.  After all we can not leave it up to the free market to decide what they want to listen too.

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