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Unions Not Part of the Problem but Part of the Solution

February 1, 2009

Just recently in a speech President Obama said:”I do not view the labor movement as part of the problem.  To me it’s part of the solution.” Well it is time for President Obama to repay the labor unions for their support during his campaign.  How he can say that unions are part of the solution is beyond me.  All I have to do is look at the big three auto makers and see how well they have done financially compared to their competition.

Now I know that all of the problems these auto makers faced were not caused solely by the unions but they certainly helped.  After all, the average union worker received about $30 more per  hour  in benefits then his non-union counterpart.  The big three also paid thousands of laid off workers to sit around and do nothing, thanks to union contracts.  Now all this extra money had to come from somewhere so it had to be built into the cars.  Thousands of extra dollars were built into their vehicles not in the form of improvements or options but just to cover the additional benefits.  This meant that a $20,000 Honda or Toyota had several thousand dollars more options or quality built in compared to Ford , GM or Chrysler.  And they wonder why they can’t compete.

Of course to really pay back the unions the President as well as the rest of the left want to pass the so called “Employee Free Choice Act” which is anything but.  They want to take the secret ballot, which we have held dear in this country since its’ inception, away from the workers.  This will open up workers to intimidation by unions.  Is this really  free choice?  Only in the liberal mind.

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