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The “F” Word

February 6, 2009

Whether on the radio, on TV, or in the newspaper every time you turn around you hear the Democrats use it.  President Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and now Senator Debbie Stabenow. If I had my way it would be beeped out of any radio or TV conversation and #@%&@# out of every newspaper article. This word must be one of the top three words in a Democrats’ vocabulary. Of course the word I am referring to is FAIR.

Everything needs to be fair, it’s only fair that the wealthy pay more taxes. It’s only fair that unions shouldn’t have to use a secret ballot. It’s only fair that everyone have a job. It’s only fair that everybody has free health care. On and on it goes, it doesn’t matter if you have made a mess of your life you just didn’t have a fair chance. Are you sick of that word yet? I sure am.

Maybe my family was weird but I was brought up to believe that by working hard and doing your best life could be fairly good. Sure I may never be as wealthy as Bill Gates but hell I didn’t start one of the worlds leading software companies. Sometimes life deals you a bad break but if you don’t quit and hang in there things turn around.  After all it took Thomas Edison over ten thousand experiments to perfect the incandescent light bulb.

People are always looking for some excuse why others are better off. If individuals took the time to examine what they themselves have done maybe they might find the problem closer to home.  Unfortunately in todays society we are taught to look for a scapegoat for our problems. With politicians, talking about fairness is almost as good as talking about giving tax breaks to the middle class. What better way to get elected then by telling people that society isn’t fair and promising to make it better.

Now the two words that I would like to hear more of are personal responsibility.  Just imagine for a moment that President Obama makes a speech and tells Americans that they need to be personally responsible and he actually means it.  He then tells us that the government is no longer going to be liable for our day to day lives. That from now on the government will only be accountable for defending our country, maintaining laws and the countries’ infrastructure,  the rest is up to us and the individual states. He then goes down in history as one of the greatest presidents of the last hundred years.

I can dream can’t I?

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