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The Employee Free Choice Act Isn’t

February 8, 2009

The Employee Free Choice Act is the Democrats way to pay back the unions for years of political support. If this act gets enacted we could very well return to the days of union thuggery and intimidation. This bill allows unions to organize without a secret ballot.

In the past if a union wanted to organize a business they were required to have 30% of the workers sign union authorization cards.  This indicated interest and the cards were turned over to the National Labor Relations Board and then within 39 days a secret ballot election was held. Once the NLRB certified that the union was to be the sole representative of the workers, negotiations would begin between the union and the business.

The EFCA will change all that. This act does not make the secret ballot mandatory, all the union will have to do is get the employees to publicly sign cards. Once the NLRB finds that a majority of employees signed the cards they will not require an election and will certify the union as the representative.  This means that employees who were not even approached to sign a card have been given no voice. This so called “free choice” opens up individuals to incentives or intimidation to sign in favor of the union.  We have all seen on the news how intimidating union representatives can be when someone tries to cross one of their picket lines. Who is to say they won’t be as intimidating when it comes to getting people to sign the cards.

I have gone to several liberal websites and read the propaganda that they are trying to push concerning this bill. They have petitions and advertisements promoting how great the bill is and how badly it has been misrepresented. They are saying that this legislation does not eliminate the secret ballot. This is true but what it does is make the secret ballot unnecessary. Why would a union have a secret ballot election if they already have enough cards signed? It just won’t happen.

At almost every state or national election we have heard liberals complain about voter intimidation at the polls in elections which votes are placed in secret. Yet now we have the same liberals say that it is better for workers to vote openly for unions. Sometimes I just don’t understand the liberal thought process. They seem to forget about the concept of cause and effect which usually leads to more problems.  Let us hope when this bill comes up in the Senate that we can get at least 41 Senators to hold the line against it otherwise there will be trouble for many businesses.

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