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Savior Based Economy

February 10, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina stated on CNN’s Sunday show State of the Union that: “We’re moving precipitously close to what I would call a savior-based economy,”. He defined savior based economy as one in which the quality of your product was not important but your political “pull” was.  In other words you can screw up your business but if you have friends in high places you can get a government bailout.

Look at all the states that are having financial difficulties.  When time were good all they did was spend and increase services without any thought to the future. All anyone had to do is look at history and know that the economy is cyclical and that boom periods are always followed by down times.  If governments controlled growth and spending in prosperous times they would not be hurting so bad at present. My state increased the size of government spending by more then 80% since 2000 almost double the rate of inflation and population growth combined. Now we are having budget problems although not as bad as California.  Like the other states ours is waiting with bated breath for the Federal bailout.  The Federal Government is rewarding the  irresponsible behavior of the states and  businesses. It is acting like their savior.

Of course it is not just businesses that are looking for salvation. At his town hall meeting in Florida President Obama was looked to for government blessings. One person who had been working for McDonalds for four years wanted to know what the president could do to increase his benefits.  Another person on unemployment asked the messiah if he could get his unemployment increased to his former salary of $3,000 per month. (That would be a real incentive to go back to work.)  Of course there was that person before the election that stated once Obama was elected she wouldn’t have to worry about her mortgage or gas for her car. Unfortunately these are the type of people who elected our President, people who want government to take care of them and make all their difficult decisions for them.

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