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Peanut Corp. President Should Be Charged With Murder

February 13, 2009

Peanut Corp. president Stewart Parnell needs to be taken to task for his disregard for the safety of the American public. This man is the reason why people think all capitalist are evil. It is people like Mr. Parnell that cause government officials to overstep the bounds of government regulations. Because of this SOB congress will waste time and taxpayer money writing new legislation. This legislation will end up being ignored by the bureaucrats and businesses and will therefore not make Americans any safer.

I am sure over the next several months we will see and hear our representative’s outrage over this tragic event. They will bloviate endlessly and nothing will really change. However, there is something that could be done which would cost very little in the long run but would make others think twice before endangering their customers.

From where I stand Mr. Parnell is responsible for the deaths of nine innocent people, in my book that equates to mass murder. He should be brought to trial on multiple murder charges and if found guilty sentenced to death. Whether he is found guilty or not it would certainly make others think about what is more important, profit or a customer’s safety.

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