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Our Republic’s Prognosis Is Dire

February 15, 2009

Transparent: open to public scrutiny.  That is what we were promised by Obama, Reid and Pelosi. We didn’t quite get it. What we did get were lies, obfuscation and a piece of legislation that will lead us ever closer to a fascist style government.  Our Republic has never been in this much danger. We have survived a civil war and two world wars only to surrender to a group of politicians whose idea of the perfect government is the nanny state.

The American people have turned their collective backs on everything that our founding fathers held dear. Our founders wanted a Republic where citizens had the freedom to achieve whatever their abilities allowed. All men are created equal they said and have certain God given rights that among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am sure that our founders did not intend for the government to guarantee our happiness but should allow us the opportunity to gain it.

Over the past four weeks we have seen our Republic turned into a mobocracy. Princess Nancy has stated we won, get over it. Their mob rule attitude has taken away the rights of half of America. They claim to be doing what is right for our country but rush legislation through so fast that no one has time to read it. Their transparent government is about as clear as a foot thick brick wall.

Obama and company are in control and know that the only way to stay in power is to create the largest welfare state in our history.  The Democrats understand that once people become dependent on government, like a patient addicted to pain medication they will not easily come clean. These government doctors will then be assured of receiving votes from their dependent patients every election.

Our benevolent caretakers were very smart when designing this new Government “Drug” package. It was constructed as time released doses, with portions coming out over a two year period. That way during the next election cycle the “junkies” would know who to vote for so the doses would continue. Like real drug pushers, all you need to do is get the user addicted and you have them for life.

Unfortunately I believe this strategy will work because in six months if the people are still in economic pain it will be because they have not had enough medication. The Welfare HMO will then just push more medicine into the system. This will cause even more dependency and more control going to Washington.  With more control comes more power and a virtual guarantee of a significant majority in future elections.

With the 2010 elections past the prognosis for our country’s freedom will look even gloomier.  The cancer that had affected our ability for self responsibility will have metastasized to our free speech centers in the right side of our brain, thus eliminating most of talk radio. Shortly after that it will spread to our self defense node of the brain and we will give up our right to bear arms. Finally the area of our brain where we make our moral decisions will be attacked and we will find polygamy, every type of abortion and euthanasia of the elderly and disabled the right thing to do.  At that point the only medical course of action will be to put us into a drug induced coma and that will herald the end of what once was a great Republic.

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