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You Didn’t Inherit It, You Helped Create It Sen. Obama

February 23, 2009

I am tired of hearing about the deficit that President Obama inherited. He didn’t inherit it he was part of the Senate that helped increase it by 25% over the last two years. So tell me how can he be pointing the finger at others when he was part of the problem?

Here are a few facts. In the two years that the Democrats had control of the two houses the deficit increased from $8.6 to $10.7 trillion or by 25%, which is a 12.5% per year increase. From January 20, 2001 until December 31, 2006 the national deficit increased from $5.7 to $8.7 or 53% which equals 8.83% per year. This is the time that the Republicans had control of both houses and the Whitehouse.

So how can Obama imply that this huge deficit is the former President’s fault? From what I can see the Spendocrats out did the Republican Congress by about 45% per year when it came to increasing our deficit. Both parties are out of control but the Dems take the gold when it comes to spending. At the rate the Democrats spent if they had been in control the whole eight years our deficit would be $12.1 trillion instead of the $10.7 we now have.

President Obama let’s get it straight this deficit belongs to everyone on Capital Hill not just the former President. After just six weeks into the year you have already increased our deficit by about 10% with this so called stimulus bill. Doesn’t look good for future Americans.

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