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Healthcare Reform

May 27, 2009

What is it that makes people think that the government is capable of running the healthcare system? The reason I ask this is because they can’t even run a cafeteria without losing money.

The Senate cafeteria lost over two million dollars in 2008 and more then 18 million since 1993 and yet these monetary geniuses want to run national healthcare. The senate foodservice gross sales is roughly 10 million dollars a year with expenses of 12 million. Healthcare expenditures were $2.2 trillion in 2007 if the Federal government was to run the healthcare business as well as they did their foodservice operations that number would be increased to $2.64 trillion for the same amount of services.

Let’s look at another couple of well run government programs, social security and medicare, whose projected unfunded liabilities are a combined total of $72 trillion dollars by mid-century. By 2050 Social Security and Medicare will require 3/4 of all income taxes just to pay benefits currently promised.

Can our children and our grandchildren really afford another government program? Is our current healthcare system so bad that we are willing to turn it over to the government? Yes, reform is needed but we can start by getting the government out of the way.

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